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Read more books.
Always be learning.
Ask the obvious questions.
Read more books.
Always be learning.
Read more books.
Always be learning.
Ask the obvious questions.
Read more books.
Always be learning.
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curiosity: noun- a strong desire to know or learn something.

We take pride in being nerds– in going down rabbit holes and exploring new ideas.

It's kind of our whole thing.

At Howdy Curiosity, we are committed to exploring new ideas and bringing people together over new ideas so that we can all expand our horizons and be better off for it.

We're particularly fond of exploring creative and entrepreneurial ideas. That whole don't quit your day job thing? Oh buddy. We've run with it. The Howdy Curiosity Community is specifically for working professionals, parents, caregivers, and others with full-time obligations who want to explore their own curiosities and passion projects on the side (without being bombarded with spam or MLM recruitment messages... yuck).

Our fondness for unpacking new ideas is always why we're so passionate about curating reading lists, reviewing books, and hosting book clubs. Oh, and selling books! That too. Gotta make the tax man happy.

Do you like interesting new ideas, too?

How about insights into the craft of writing? Entrepreneurial success and failure stories? Bad business advice myth busting?

Us too. Sounds like you're in good company with us and our bi-weekly newsletter.

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Need Inspiration, Motivation, or Accountability for Your Side Projects?

The Howdy Curiosity Community may be right for you. Side effects include: feeling great and doing greater.

1 - Join a Cohort

We offer two cohort options:

  • Entrepreneurship Cohort for folks who have their own business, are starting their own business, or who are considering starting their own business.
  • Writing Cohort for folks who are focused on creative writing, be it fiction or nonfiction.

2 - Participate

Each cohort includes members-only forums, mastermind groups, and book clubs that have been carefully tailored to their members' needs and goals.

The cohorts are designed to facilitate collaboration and networking so that you're consistently moving forward and not having to always rely on yourself– you always have a support system cheering you on and propelling you toward your goals.

3 - Thrive

As if reaching your goals, making new connections, and learning cool stuff along the way wasn't reward enough, Howdy Curiosity Community members can also earn rewards– like free books, gift cards, and more–  just by being active and friendly community members.