Ego, Authority, Failure: Using Emotional Intelligence like a Hostage Negotiator to Succeed as a Leader - 2nd Edition

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A Gallup study found that 50 percent of resigning employees did so "to get away from their manager." Those who stay with poor managers become disengaged, creating a negative work environment that costs US companies billions in lost productivity each year.

In the twenty-first century, it takes more than technical skills to be an effective manager. Productive work environments also require tactical empathy-the same fundamental skill that forms the basis of hostage negotiator leadership (HNL)-forging the quick empathetic bonds that are vital to a highly productive workplace.

Inside this book, you'll learn twelve easy-to-execute skills you can put into action right away, shifting your leadership presence from a constant struggle to a confident competitive advantage.

With plenty of cautionary tales about the damage that unchecked ego and authority can wreak in any organization, Ego, Authority, Failure can help you change that story, providing actionable techniques for a solid foundation of trust-based influence that can motivate and inspire.

Author: Derek Gaunt
Binding Type: Paperback
Publisher: Black Swan Group Press
Published: 03/22/2022
Pages: 272
Weight: 0.77lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.61d
ISBN: 9781544526843