Building Wealth on a Dime: Finding Your Financial Freedom

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Your personal roadmap to financial freedom through small but mighty changes to your money

In a world where you have questions about money and Google has a million different answers, it can be hard to know how to make the most of what you have...

Especially if you don't have a ton of it.

In Building Wealth on a Dime: Finding Your Financial Freedom, financial educator and Latina Kimberly Hamilton delivers an engaging guide for building wealth through small but powerful changes to your money - even if you're starting small. As a former student debt warrior turned homeowner, Kimberly knows this experience first-hand, but this book isn't about her. Through the financial lives of everyday moneymakers like Claire in New York, Tanya in Chicago, and Eric in Portland, Kimberly teaches you how to take control of your finances, eliminate debt, and invest for your financial future. Written in a tone that sounds more like a friend than financial advice, you'll gain the tools you need - psychological and financial - to change your mindset and achieve your own financial freedom.

In Building Wealth on a Dime, you'll discover how to shift your financial trajectory "on a dime" and gain confidence in your money ASAP. You'll also find:

  • Efficient techniques for eliminating debt
  • How to calculate and implement a guilt-free weekly spending cap
  • A complete breakdown on investing for beginners, including the different types of accounts, investments, and methods you need to be strategic
  • Completely legal (but rarely talked about) tax loopholes that can save you thousands
  • What you need to consider when buying your first home or real estate investment

A can't-miss handbook for the everyday money maker, working professional, or soon-to-graduate, Building Wealth on a Dime belongs on the bookshelves of anyone seeking to improve their relationship with money and accelerate their journey to financial freedom.

Author: Kimberly Hamilton
Binding Type: Hardcover
Publisher: Wiley
Published: 12/20/2022
Pages: 352
Weight: 1.23lbs
ISBN: 9781119900009

About the Author

KIMBERLY HAMILTON is the Founder of Beworth Finance where she helps women and millennials make smart money moves. As a Certified Financial Education Instructor, Kimberly's advice has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, and Health magazine, among others. To learn more, you can follow her on social media @BeworthFinance.