Web3 Marketing: A Handbook for the Next Internet Revolution

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Web3 Marketing: A Handbook for the Next Internet Revolution is the essential book for anyone looking to understand the next era of the internet and start building. Beyond the sensational hype and headlines around crypto and NFTs, a real revolution is taking place: new technologies for owning, moving, and organizing value spell the overdue end of an internet where a few huge companies hoard data and power, and open a new frontier for products, services, and applications in which ownership and control belongs to creators, builders, and users.

As former CMO of ConsenSys then Founder and CEO of top web3 marketing firm Serotonin--Amanda Cassatt is in a unique position to tell this story, and delivers a remarkably clear, nontechnical guide to the history, key concepts, and still-evolving landscape of Web3. Cassatt explains how Web3 transforms time-tested approaches to marketing and brand-building, including how to build a Web3 community. This book is a must-read for professionals at any level in their Web3 careers--already working or investing in Web3, exploring what it means for their business, or considering a jump into something new--and for anyone who wants to understand the next internet revolution.

Author: Amanda Cassatt
Binding Type: Hardcover
Publisher: Wiley
Published: 04/04/2023
Pages: 240
Weight: 0.91lbs
Size: 9.25h x 6.18w x 0.88d
ISBN: 9781394171958

About the Author

AMANDA CASSATT is the Founder and CEO of Serotonin, the world's leading Web3 marketing firm and product studio. She was the Chief Marketing Officer for ConsenSys between 2016 and 2019, bringing Ethereum to market and helping to grow it into one of the largest and most robust blockchain ecosystems. She regularly speaks at global events and is featured in news outlets around the world.